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Cloud Nine Aviation is unlike any other aviation service company. We own and operate aircraft in comparison to the other brokers whose livelihood depends on commissions from arranging the sale and/or acquisition of aircraft. Our staff is on a set salary, so when we scour the market to meet a client's needs to either buy or sell a business aircraft, our recommendations are not determined by how much we can earn. Since we are constantly in the market for aircraft for our own charter and leasing services, we know we can achieve the best pricing when it comes to selling a client's aircraft and/or when acquiring one. No one sells an aircraft for more and no one buys one for less than Cloud Nine. It is the Cloud Nine Guarantee.

We also have full-time aircraft crews whose decades of experience assure that we can thoroughly determine a plane's status and airworthiness so a Cloud Nine customer gets the best aircraft.

Via Cloud Nine Leasing Services, we have leased multiple aircraft, including having a multi-year relationship providing leased aircraft to Bombardier/Learjet. We can structure cost-effective leases for any aircraft.

Cloud Nine also operates a full service US FAA-approved Part 135 Charter Division. When you charter a Cloud Nine aircraft, you are assured it is a plane we own and not one we have subcontracted for.

Cloud Nine's Appraisal Division can support the most accurate determinations regarding valuations of aircraft because we are in the market buying and selling not only for our customers but for ourselves, too.

We are a full gamut aircraft company. We guarantee we can offer the best pricing whether it is in regard to buying, selling, chartering, leasing or appraising an aircraft. We define our success by not how much we earn but how much we accomplish. If you want to fly the best, then Cloud Nine Aviation is your partner.


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